Top 10 Ideas To Reuse Old Car Parts

Top 10 Ideas To Reuse Old Car Parts

Can’t argue with the look of this Chevrolet. Will work with other cars too.

The simplest way to use car springs and suspensions is to use them as counter stools. You can easily find these things from scrapyards.

The best lamp that you can get is a lamp made from a cars headlight.

What better way to support your shelves than with car parts. Simply beautiful with very less effort.

The greatest way to make a side table is with gears. Giving your home a rustic look never got easier.

Turns out you can use old car seats in other places too. This car seat would be the perfect spot for an afternoon tea.

Using a car engine as a bottle rack is perhaps the greatest way to store bottles.

This certainly makes a great decoration piece for your home.

Drinking tea in your garden just got more interesting with this table.

Another way to use car suspensions is to use it as a candle stand.

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