Homemade Wedding Favours: 10 DIY Ideas

Homemade Wedding Favours: 10 DIY Ideas

With this simple addition to a wedding, kids can enjoy by coloring a few pictures while the wedding ceremonies take place.

A heartwarming message such as this can only make the wedding more especial.

Homemade Wedding Favours: 10 DIY Ideas
This small jar can be given as a gift to the bride or groom from the spouse. It will certainly be an icing on the cake.

These pegs show the love that should be present between the husband and wife.

You can’t argue with the fact that these small packages containing candies will make the guests feel love that they deserve.

Complimentary gifts should be given to the guests and what better way to do it then give a custom wedding soundtrack.

This is undoubtedly a great addition to make during the wedding preparations. It will look great and will be appreciated by all.

A token of respect and love from the bride and groom could never be more pleasant than this.

This is another addition that you can make to the wedding.

These complimentary cookies from the bride and groom will certainly give a good message to all the guests that are going to come.

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